xxOculus Rift DK2 and Sony's Project Morpheus, Oculus VR SELLOUTS

March 20, 2014, 03:18:57 AM by Rune | Views: 10957 | Comments: 12

What if I told you that the Oculus Rift wasn't the only major competitor in gaming VR? Last night, during Sony's GDC panel, Sony formally announced that they were interested in developing Virtual Reality technology to complement the PS4's pure gaming attitude. Entitled "Project Morpheus", the current prototype has a low persistence 1080p display panel with 1000hz motion and full 360 degree rotational and positional tracking. Much of the presentation was spent explaining how technology had to be pioneered for presence, a new buzzword in the business, and further details including price and availability were not given. What was said, however, was that the device would be compatible with the Playstation camera and Playstation Move.

Shortly afterward, not to be outdone, Oculus VR announced a new Developers Kit, creatively entitled DK2, with vastly improved specifications over the original. In the new kit (stop me if this sounds familiar), the display panel has been upgraded to a low persistence 1080p OLED screen with 1000hz motion and positional tracking. Fortunately, there will be no giant blue glowsticks attached to the Oculus device as OculusVR has opted for infrared tracking. The new kit is available for preorder at $350 with first batch units estimated to ship in late July.

Sources: OculusVR, IGN, and Engadget

xxXbox One Delivered 2 Weeks Early, Not to Support 3D Blu Ray Playback

November 09, 2013, 02:10:12 AM by Rune | Views: 6175 | Comments: 0

Take a moment to go back to the year 2006. There was no high definition standard for widespread public use established. Toshiba and Microsoft teamed up to introduce the HD-DVD format, while Sony brought forth Blu Ray disks. Skip beyond the embarrassing battle to the present. With the new console comes support for BR disks, but not the 3D output widely expected. Microsoft has made no official comment on the matter, but since a customer support account confirmed the ability would in fact be present, it is possible that it may be part of a future update. Since the inclusion of 3D playback was first seen on Sony's Playstation 3, it is widely expected that the followup will do the same. Opinions? Favorite console? Type below!
CNET Newspage

Followup edit: It appears that Target has made the mistake of shipping out several hundred Xbox One's 2 weeks before launch. Users are confirming features and posting their results online. So far, it seems that the HDMI output of the console is not using HDCP, and is thus compatible with recording devices such as the HD PVR2.

Screenshots after the break...

xxStar Citizen to Support Mantle API

November 07, 2013, 09:36:38 PM by Rune | Views: 10085 | Comments: 7

Well, it seems that team green will have some true competition with AMD after all. Cloud Imperium Games has announced that Star Citizen will launch with support for AMD's mantle architecture right from the beginning. Essentially, this means that the team creating the game will be able to access the most basic level of commands on the GPU and streamline the process to reduce processing time. According to AMD, this technique could allow for up to 9 times the amount of draw calls per second that traditional graphics cards currently allow. Need to have all of that detail to see when you're taking out those thrusters, huh?

What is your opinion? Think it won't make a difference? Let me know below. Find the original press release here.

xxN7 DAY

November 07, 2013, 08:59:47 PM by Rune | Views: 10499 | Comments: 11

Happy N7 Day everyone! The second annual N7 Day kicked off with BioWare giving us a nice video with many voice actors (with one major absence) and writers present. November 7th has become a worldwide day for remembrance and celebration of the Mass Effect series as a whole. Hope everyone is wearing their Tali shirts and N7 hoodies! If not, swing by the bioware store for some N7 Day only merchandise. It's been almost a year and a half since the launch of Mass Effect 3; have your opinions changed? Let us know below!

N7 Day 2013 - Thank you, Mass Effect Fans!

clipThe Mayans Were Right! Black Mesa Source is FINALLY releasing on September 14th

Captain Jean-Luc
September 02, 2012, 04:54:09 PM by Captain Jean-Luc
Views: 8648 | Comments: 8

No, seriously.  The long-awaited Half-Life 1 fan remake is, after a 7 year development cycle, finally going to be released to the public on September 14.  For those of you who are not familiar with this project, a very talented group of fans set out to completely remake the original Half-Life and bring both its visuals and gameplay into the modern era of gaming.  They've assaulted us with teases over the years, but a long period of total silence from the team had most people fearing that the game was now vaporware and would never see the light of day.  Fortunately, that is most definitely not the case.  Get your crowbars and HEV suits, it's time to return to Black Mesa. 

DISCLAIMER:  This early release will NOT include the portion of the game on Xen, nor will it include the multiplayer component.  These will both be released at a later date, as the team is expanding both elements from the original game.

Visit the Black Mesa Source website and buy/download the soundtrack! 

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