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The Doctor:
Here's an idea I've been tossing about a bit and curious if anyone is interested in.

A basic web game, somewhat in the vein of 1000ad (I think this died), Urbandead, etc.  (edit: I've been informed some of you may know of Kingdom of Loathing as another example)  I really don't want to be making anything too complicated since I'll likely tire of maintaining/updating things at some point but I have considered trying my hand at this sort of thing many times and never actually done it.

The general gameplay format is that every so often you get a turn/action point/whatever (1 per hour, 1 per day, 1 per minute whatever) and when you log in you can spend your turns on doing things.  Some games like urbandead are you're a single person others you're running a empire or city state or something like that.

I think the style that most interests me is an empire/citystate type of game which of course leaves the next question of setting.  Fantasy has been done a lot so I'm somewhat attracted to the idea of a futuristic type game.  Something like the Alpha Centauri games where you're on a new planet with limited resources to build with.

Now if people are interested in this I think I can be convinced to move ahead with it, and any ideas from here on out are just speculative setup that can be tweaked/scrapped if people don't like the idea but I'm going to continue to ramble on the futuristic on a planet idea.

The first thing every faction is going to need is resources.  In fantasy games that's usually gold, metal, wood and food.  In a future game I'm thinking food, metal, fuel of some kind, power(electricity), and some kind of unobtainium. :P  I'm not sure but I think some sort of monetary resource would be a decent idea as well.

Then the faction will of course have a population, and units that can do different things.  The general population is just people of the faction and the units would be things in specific roles that work for the government.  Like various military units, engineers/mechanics, stuff like that.

Then you'd have buildings which would help to build stuff, and various technologies as well.  I think most of the buildings should be along the lines of "this stuff is all known you just have to build up the infrastructure to actually use them" maybe something you can build 30 tank factories if you want, but until you have enough tank tread factories running already there is no point to these running.  Technologies I think should be generic researchy things like +1 attack for tanks, not game changing stuff like "you can now build these because you have the tech."

What do you all think?

I'll probably reply to this a little later with more ideas for it.  And coding up a quick and easy one should be pretty straight forward and then it could be expanded if wanted or not.

Interested, not sure on the whole site doing it as it'd be very difficult on organising it.
Not sure I'd join though as I'm not one for joining big things which involve stats things in the game, I prefer just to write only. :P

A good idea though, just the size looks a little ambitious to me. :)

I'll give it a go

killer rin:
I'd try it out

I am sure that i  will try it out if it is made


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