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Off Topic / Re: Talk about your day
« on: October 21, 2017, 03:15:55 AM »
Hello old Forum. How are doing? Its beginning to smell in here though, must be decay.

Just felt like posting here cause why not?

PBP Games / Re: Frontier: Cold Shock
« on: June 29, 2017, 11:08:04 PM »
The Battle was hectic, chaotic as gunfire roared and beastial cries of the Orks and Grots filled the air. The group was doing their best, but they were not a cohesive unit like they should have been, though with some direction from Osiris and Neal they got back in control of the situation.

The First matter was getting Zeph to stick to cover and make use of his LMG in a more practical way, which he learned charging forward unarmored was less than a good idea. Osiris took it into his own hands to get the Vis into cover, which he did quite literally as he grabbed Zeph from behind and forcibly tossed him behind cover then quickly brought up his shield to stop oncoming fire.

The Grots deciding to attempt to be clever decided to charge around the cover they group was in, and much to Freya’s satisfaction that meant they were going to run straight into her trap. The fougasse went off as expected once the grots attempted their ill-thought out flanking maneuver.

With the majority of grots dead, all that was left were the much larger orks which didn’t wait a moment to get into combat, Osiris made his way into the fray. His chainsword clashed with the heavy and sharp metal slabs the orks called choppas. He was heavily outnumbered but he seemed to be in his element with close combat, and he also set up good targets for both Ursea and Khrelan to shoot at. With the two snipers, the orks were handled very quickly as the two popped them left and right which allowed Osiris to make his way closer to the structure.

Closer to the structure, the ork turret suddenly swiveled to aim at Osiris to seemingly shoot. It seemed Ailuin’s mental attack had worn off, the top of the turret however popped open and the grot jumped out and started running away from the structure towards the hill. It shouted some gibberish, obviously frightened beyond reason, however it was soon snatched up in the jaws of Suu-Suu where it met a gruesome demise.

Soon the group had made it near the entrance, Osiris turned to address them but was suddenly rushed from behind by a screaming ork wielding two hefty blades. Luckily though Thada had been flanking around during the fight, peppering the orks with SMG fire, Thada put this Ork down more personally as he pounced him like a predator and stuck both wrist bladed into the back of its neck severing its spinal cord. It dropped like dead weight, leaving Thada’s blades dripping with green blood.

Osiris looked at him and nodded, “Good work. Now,” He began as he turned to the rest after this bloody affair, “We will explore the structure and determine what it is, and why they are here. With combat done Aesen should be able to give us some better ground penetrating scans to better understand what we are dealing with.”

Aesen broadcasted through their comms-channel, “Affirmative, It shouldn’t take long to get an idea of how deep the structure goes, and maybe we can figure out what it is. Whatever it is though it has shielding capabilities, and if the orks managed to get that working there could be other potential hazards.”

PBP Games / Re: Frontier: Cold Shock
« on: April 19, 2017, 05:43:22 AM »
"Fire" Neal said into the comms.

Aesen obliged, " Firing low yield shot."

A crack in the air was heard and the orks and grots looked around, "Wuzzat?" One of the orks near the landa said as only moments later the group was rocked by a huge explosion. It kicked up dirt, gravel and grass and made a large cloud as well. The screams of grots and the orks near the landa could be heard as the area was wracked by the impact.

The Landa was rocked by the impact as well, exacerbating the damage that the landa had already sustained before their arrival. It began to smoke a bit but overall it was still intact.

Whatever was left of the Orks by the Landa, began to move about, most likely still stunned by the impact. "Raaah! Dere's sumfin' out there get 'em boyz! Move it you gitz!" Shouted the Ork with the Whip and pistol. It seemed about three quarters of the grots had been killed in the blast, and all the orks had some how survived, but they were obviously hurt, as they were bloody, with shrapnel from the impact lodged in various parts of them, one of them was even missing an arm, holding his missing arm in  his other hand and attempting to put it back on unsuccessfully.

"Drop it ya zoggin' git! Get killin!" The Ork with the whip shouted again. One of the other orks, this one having a big piece of rock lodged in one eye, "Kill wut? Which way?" It said in much duller tones.

"I don't kno! Juss get moovin'!" It shouted back as it cracked its whip.

They did not have much of a chance to decide which way to go and vent their rage.

Aesen broadcasted again, "Firing second shot at structure entrance, 50% power this time, normal payload."

The air cracked as the shot ripped through the atmosphere, though the round impacted long before the sound could be heard, except it did not impact.

A large shimmery light flickered around the structure like some sort of bubble, and the round deflected off it and hit the landa directly with full force. The shoddy ork contruct reacted violently, and exploded fantastically.

"Get down!" Osiris shouted and put his shield up, dropping to a knee and bracing it. The shock wave rocked them, causing a few of the trees behind them to topple and others to sway from the force.

The group managed to drop just in time, protected from a shower of rocks and flaming wreckage. As the dust cleared it was apparent the landscape had changed, the landa was gone, a glowing smoking crater was all that remained, the wreckage however had added a great deal more of cover between them and the structure, they could more easily traverse the no longer open plain.

As they got up and observed their surroundings a high pitched scream could be heard getting louder and closer with each moment.

Osiris turned on his chainsword, which roared to life with a deadly whir. He swiped it upwards and caught an unfortunate Grot with the chainblade, spattering the ground and his armor in green blood as he halved the creature before it hit the ground.

"We need to move on the structure. The Landa is no longer a goal." Osiris said as he shook the blade off.

Aesen chimed in over comms, "I did not detect any energy from the structure till immediately after firing the second shot, It seems the Orks are making progress in whatever their goal is. Warning the orks know something is coming, extra orks and grots have come out of the structure to investigate."

It was time to see how they adapted to change.

PBP Games / Re: Frontier: Cold Shock
« on: March 23, 2017, 07:57:40 AM »
Ursea was currently in the athletic center, she had woken up early to get in some exercise before the upcoming mission. She wasn't sure when but she figured it would be today, hence why she was awake.

She was on the training mat, which was near the weights and exercise equipment, it was a rather large space to allow for various types of exercise as well as sparring. Currently however she was doing sit ups on the ground, each crunch straining her core muscles. The reason for the strain though was that the training mat space was capable of variable gravity, and this had many implications for training and sparring. However its more simple application was training under higher gravity conditions, which meant doubling the gravity for Ursea. For the Kurgesha, double gravity meant something else entirely, so it was inadvisable for most others to attempt such a setting without working up to it, and assuredly not for extended periods of time.

After a few more reps though she was done, sweat drenched in her tight yoga pants and sports bra, and she got up and headed briefly to the washroom where she splashed her face in some cold water a few times before heading up to her room to clean up.

It wasn’t long after this though that the call came through, it was time to prepare for battle, and so after a quick wash and dry she slipped on her tight body suit, which was a matte black suit with a carbon weave that had a kinetic reactive fluid throughout it, hardening to help dull or deflect impacts. The suit by itself though was only good for stopping low caliber weapons and shrapnel, it was merely the final line of defense. Next came a vest and some padding for vital areas, the vest was made with layers of dense carbon fibers and light plates embedded within, hers specifically was a light variant covering only her chest and central mass. Other pads were attached to her thighs to protect the vital arteries from damage, and provide latch point for her final armor attachments. The final most important part of Kurgeshan Soldier armor is the armored plates, specifically ceramic plating typically with a core of dense metal alloy which varies depending on the quality of materials, but typically standard issue gear is more than enough. She only had a few plates, one on her front that protected her neck, and chest. This one had a matching plate on the back that helped to protect the spine and back of the neck as well. The frontal plate is angular to help in deflecting enemy fire and dispersing impacts. The few other plates she had attached to her forearms, shins and the sides of her thighs. Overall it was a light version of typical Kurgeshan soldier armor, as befitted her role.

“Alright Suu-Suu its time,” She said as she finished and put on her helmet which sealed shut with a clamp and hiss, “We are going on a new hunt.”

The Guttluok perked up a bit after she said this, and the duo headed out, down to the Cargo bay to stop by the armory for her weapons than join the others.

Osiris had wasted no time after the others had been called, he was already armed and armored down in the bay, watching as the drop ship lowered from the ceiling. He held his power shield in his left hand, the large metal and ceramic shield was unadorned, only meant for it practical application and not for show. Magnetically clamped to his left hip was his chainsword, similarly it had no adornments, a practical weapon for a practical warrior. Lastly was his laser rifle, which was attached to his back in case he needed the range.

He turned around and watched as the various members of the team he assembled appeared, each seemed to be ready or as ready as they could manage for the fight ahead. That was all that could be expected, for now at least, and the task at hand would be the easiest they would face, of that he was sure. So it was best to start here, this exercise would test them in combat and help in intelligence gathering which would be very important in times to come.

When they were all assembled they boarded the drop ship, which was sleek but spacious enough for the whole team, including the beast as well.

“Be prepared, we will be ground side soon, we will be landing in a clearing that will cover our arrival. We will observe first, then attack after a plan of action is decided. This may not always be the case every time, you may be expected to go in under fire in future tasks, so use this opportunity as I am sure most of you have experience real combat before, and for those that haven’t you must learn quickly.” He said to them as the dropship's door shut and sealed. A slight hum was heard as its stealth systems engaged while they exited the ship, and headed down towards the planet.
“We have taken some orbital images of where we will be landing, the Orks seem to have set up around some alien structure that is protruding from the the surface of the planet, we will need to clear their presence outside before we attempt to make our way into the structure. Be prepared.” He said as he held onto a rail on the ceiling of the drop ship interior as he looked at each of them through his helmets visor.

An image of the surface projected on screens in the drop ship holding area, it gave a pretty clear overview of what was to be expected, from what they could tell there were some smaller green creatures as well, but the picture was not zoomed in enough to give any close visual detail besides the layout.

Spoiler for Map and Combat Rules:

Grots/gretchin are cannon fodder, they are armed with knives and low caliber revolvers, you may kill them with impunity, just do not god mod. For this tutorial though orks will not be considered cannon fodder, you will need to make rolls against them. Any time you use a skill though, a roll is needed, I can edit in what happens. Make very clear which enemies you attack and what you are doing. Other than that, have fun and be creative.

Soon the sound of the ship touching ground in the clearing was heard, it was time. The Drop ship ramp went down and they headed out making their way toward the edge of the forest but no further as Osiris held up his hand to signal them to stop.

In the distance they could see a huge 38 meter long ship, it was an ork landing craft, it seemed cobbled together with thick metal plates and bolts and adornments of tribal like skull visages, its paint scheme seemed to involve various colors, like reds, yellows, black and blue. It looked rather damage though too like it had seen combat before coming here. Near its entrance they could see some orks, and a plethora of shorter thinner green creatures that the larger orks seemed to be in the process of bullying the smaller creatures. They would need a closer look to gather other details.

PBP Games / It Begins
« on: March 19, 2017, 08:00:19 AM »
A Full day had past since the briefing, the team was an interesting bunch to say the least and only time would tell if they would be functional together.

Osiris was currently in the bridge going over some intel for their first task, the crew had not been notified yet, but they had already jumped to the target system. The system in question was in the far reaches of the galaxy in unexplored space that had not been visited by any of the major species from which he picked his recruit. The system had a yellow phase star that was mid-life and the system included a few gas giants in its outer reaches with a very dense nebula cloud surrounding the entire system. The innermost part of the system contained three rocky planets, two of them were very close to the star and orbited in much shorter intervals than the third rocky planet.

This third planet was their destination, it was in the habitable zone of the system, giving it a rather temperate climate. It was easily seen even with normal telescopic optics that there was greenery on the surface of the planet. Further exploration of data Aesen picked up indicated the planet to have water in collections of lakes and rivers, with no seas or oceans except for one super massive lake on one side of the planet. It seemed to be the perfect garden world, temperate with a breathable atmosphere, something the orks would ruin merely by setting foot on the world.

Osiris looked at the data being projected in the bridge, “The orks have already landed it seems, its a small craft. This will be a good exercise for them, see if they are ready.”

“Master Osiris, I have detected an anomaly on the surface, I detected first with surface scanning equipment, but now that the clouds have moved a bit, its visually noticeable. It glints in the light.” Aesen observed as he pulled up an image that did indeed showed light reflecting off of what could be a metallic object.

“It appears to be partially buried in the ground, scans indicated the object to be at least a kilometer long. From what I can tell Its a ship.” Aesen finished.

“That has to be why the orks are here, but why in such a small group? We will need more information, but we can’t get that until Landing. Gather the team, tell them to arm themselves and to meet in the docking bay, we will take the drop ship down to the surface.” Osiris said as he walked out of the bridge and took the elevator down.

Aesen the spoke on the ships Audio System, “ All crew Members, gather your combat equipment and all other necessary items. Gather in the Docking bay, we will be descending planet side in the drop-ship shortly.”

With that the call had been made, it was time to test them.

Spoiler for Am I right, Marines?:

PBP Games / Re: Frontier: Cold Shock
« on: March 16, 2017, 07:38:12 AM »
Ursea stopped floating and swam a bit closer, gliding through the water quickly, swimming in lower gravity was interesting, it was like being weightless. The only thing that was more weightless than that was the void outside the ship, but that did not matter at the moment.

Freya was interesting, she had never seen many Kaveni Females, and she had definitely never seen any Kaveni out of their clothes.

"I am great, Suu-Suu is enjoying himself, he is harmless so don't worry. He only attacks if I tell him, or he senses danger." She smiled.

"You have very pretty scales, and good hips. Its so weird not seeing breasts though on a female, I guess cause you aren't mammalian," She laughed making awkward small talk,"I err... anyways, thanks for coming, its pretty awkward being on a ship full of men... for the most part."

 She dunked her head back under water and blew some bubbles knowing she was rather weird, she wasn't much of a people person, preferring the solitary life on a long hunt. That however did not mean she did not crave social interaction, but her always being perceived as the runt did not lead to great social skills.

"Anyways, what do you think of the rest of them-" She started as Thada decided to shout at her.

“Hey!” Thada yelled as he walked past towards the showers, once again shirtless. ”Your paintrain better be housebroken! I don’t want to see those drains clogged up with toxic bug excrement!”

She  looked over at him incredulously, "What do you mean? do you imply I am not a good Gessat trainer?" She just shook her head and returned to relaxing in the water.

"Suu-suu is a good guttluok, I trained him well... I hope everyone grows to like him...I didn't want people to get scared. I guess its just cultural differences." She said mostly to herself.

Suu-suu had not paid any mind to the current  happenings, but he had noticed his name. Being a beast and a pet, it did not have a universal translator so it only heard the crew's native tongue. It however responded to tone of voice and what it could sense, such as heart rates and the subtle scents of hormones. This requirement though meant it had little regard for the Vis, as it appeared as little more than a moving object in the Guttluoks simple mind.

She looked over at the Suu-Suu who had finally crawled out of the water to relax in the artificial lights of the large room. "See he is gentle, he is not feral. Sorry I got sidetracked, I was going to ask what you thought of the crew."

PBP Discussion / Re: OOC: Frontier: Cold Shock
« on: March 15, 2017, 10:51:58 PM »
It's been rather hectic as of late for me, I will post when I get off of work. I might respond by editing your posts if you respond to mine. But after my post I am going to immediately begin work on a time-skip(a single day) and start the initial post for the tutorial mission.

PBP Discussion / Re: OOC: Frontier: Cold Shock
« on: March 13, 2017, 04:45:08 AM »
You would learn the different types of orks, boyz, mek boyz, nobz and the like. You would understand how ork alphas develop (nobz), how they think, you would know about orkoid creature like squigs(and their different types), grots/ gretchin and snots etc.

You wouldn't get the biological specifics, but you would understand alot.

PBP Discussion / Re: OOC: Frontier: Cold Shock
« on: March 13, 2017, 02:24:51 AM »
What does Ork Lore give me gameplay-wise? How could I use it? Just curious.
Gameplay-wise, it will give you understanding in their beliefs and hierarchy and general psychological demeanor. Which is advantageous for manipulation.

PBP Discussion / Re: OOC: Frontier: Cold Shock
« on: March 12, 2017, 10:10:00 PM »
Neal is thinking all the right questions, I think after the tutorial I can give him a minor knowledge in Ork Lore. That would give him those answers. Unless he wants some other knowledge or skill as a reward.

PBP Games / Re: Frontier: Cold Shock
« on: March 12, 2017, 08:56:01 AM »
"Great! I am going to go get my swim suit on!" She said as she got up and left as whatever had been going on seemed to conclude, she headed out the door following her overly excited Guttlouk as its lengthy body scampered at scary speeds towards the pool in the athletic center on that floor of the ship.

She was lost in thought as she walked down the hall and eventually passed through the rec area, she looked around, Suu-Suu having already passed her up. She wondered what this adventure would be like, how long would it last, and would these people she was working with get her killed. The sheer childishness she had just seen on display by the Vis was worrysome, and she knew the Ki'Jan doctor did not like the cute Human, Neal seemed to be rather sassy, but the way the Vis acted could be the most jeopardizing of all. Why had it been chosen to be apart of this ragtag crew?

She shook her head stroked her fingers through her long silky hair, as her other two hand rested in her jean pockets, "Spirits be with me... This is going to be the strangest job I have ever been on." She resumed heading towards the pool and the small locker area nearby. she had been wanting an excuse to put on one of her special order swimsuits for a while, even if no one else appreciated it, it was really for her benefit, as it made her feel good.

The swim suit in question was V shaped in the front, covering both of her breasts down the middle, but showing plenty of skin and cleavage. In the back it was only strings, and revealing her backside as well it being a thong one piece. The fabric was deep blue, and contrasted her light greyish orange skin, bringing out the orange in her skin more by contrast.

It felt good to be out of her sweaty clothes, she immediately bounded over to pool and dived in, she was literally a few meters away when she jumped. The low gravity on the ship, while normal for everyone else, made it very easy for Kurgs to perform ridiculous feats.

Suu-Suu was already swimming around beneath the water, blowing rings and swimming through them like some great insectoid sea-serpent. After she dove in, Suu-Suu began circling around her play fully until she surfaced.  He looked at her and clacked his mandibles a few timed before sticking his mouth in the water and blowing some bubbles.

She laughed, "You really missed the water huh? Its more fun without all Devig, and Ghurshet trying to eat us in the river." She said referencing the jungle rivers of her homeland, and a few of the aquatic predators found within. "This is a salt-water pool, refreshing!" She smirked as she laid back and floated, closing her eyes as Suu-Suu swam around the pool, enjoying himself.

PBP Games / Re: Frontier: Cold Shock
« on: March 11, 2017, 07:06:14 PM »
Ursea watched Osiris leave, despite what had happened she still though he was a hunk, but she was a bit more conflicted now. If stuff like this could exist then what other horrors awaited them in the vast cosmos. She figured she would take a look at the data later, as long as he gun killed orks, it wasn't too important to know their physiology entirely. At the moment she was more focused on the fact that she was sweaty and she had put so much thought into her look only for it to be ruined unexpectedly.

She looked around seeing the argument unfolding and the Vis acting like a child, then she saw Neal stand up to chastise the Vis, rightly so to be honest. She looked down to Suu-Suu whose blinking multi-armored lidded eyes looked right back, "Hey Suu-Suu want to go swimming? Now that everyone has met you, I think its okay now. Just be a good boy, alright?"

Suu-Suu perked up at the mention of swimming, immediately he rushed over to the door, he lifted his head up and looked back expectantly at Ursea, and tapped his large sharp point legs on the ground in anticipation.

She then looked at Freya, the Kaveni was the only other female on the ship so she felt a sorta need to make friends with her, so she crinkled her hands together a little nervously.

"Umm, Freya right? Do you want to join me? Instead of sit here and listen to this argument."

Off Topic / Re: Talk about your day
« on: March 11, 2017, 12:45:42 AM »
According to Steam, well, the client I have installed, he was online only 4 hours ago.

Though the last time he played a game was on 26th of December.
Mine says 63 days for some reason.

Off Topic / Re: Talk about your day
« on: March 10, 2017, 09:12:38 PM »
A shame, SEC might have actually enjoyed Cold Shock
yeah, an RP he would have to run. :P

He is an adult doing adult things I guess.

He hasn't been on steam in over 2 months it seems.

PBP Games / Re: Frontier: Cold Shock
« on: March 10, 2017, 09:11:18 PM »
Osiris shook his head, "Let me explain further, they cannot will themselves to not die, they are not aware of their gestalt field. They do not entirely bend the laws of physics they supplement them with their psionics. Their technology and beliefs work because of their passive psionic ability. There are Psionics in their number that have powers that do in fact bend reality, I believe the most accurate description is magic, that is what it will seem like."

He looked at them and returned his gaze to the holo-display. "Orks are not themselves a threat to reality, the psionic realm that they pull their abilities from could become destabilized if they continue to rampage unchecked. When the psionic realm becomes destabilized it could break through to reality, then the laws of physics will be compromised."

"The orks by themselves won't cause this unless they spread too far, if we destabilize their command structure, they will keep their own population in check, and by the time a new leader emerges to unite them, your civilizations should have advanced far enough to be on more even ground with them." He said as he pulled up an image detailing a few effects their psionics can have, detailing how their weapons are made functional through the gestalt belief.

Osiris pointed to some ork weapon schematics, they were very simple, and seemed to use basic ballistic concepts, "Orks typically use ballistic weapons, however they also can use energy weapons if they build them themselves or steal them. From the image shown, you can see this gun would fire normally, if a bit unwieldy due to the calibers and lack of recoil reduction," then the image changed to something that was clearly missing key components to be functional, little more than a few random springs and some bolts, " In the hands of an ork this weapon will fire, because they believe it will. Their gestalt field makes whatever item they use, regardless of it it should, work due to the belief it should. This passive ability has limits though, if they became aware the gun shouldn't be functional, it would cease to operate."

He shut the image off, "Biological warfare will only work on them if it is virulent enough to entirely wipe out the surface of a planet they are on. Something more directed will only result in immunity, you might kill a good amount but the result will be even harder to kill orks. Any world orks land on, will eventually become infested without proper cleansing of territory they landed on."

Aesen chimed, "I feel the best learning experience will come when you encounter them, it should be rather educational. I will grant access to documentation we have on them, so feel free to browse it."

Osiris nodded, " I believe I shall conclude this briefing, We will be heading to a point of interest soon, we have some information that a very small exploratory group of orks are heading for a planet. We will head their to find out what has their interest, and wipe them out. Dismissed."

Off Topic / Re: Talk about your day
« on: March 10, 2017, 07:02:47 PM »
Happy birthday SEC, even though you don't even come here anymore. Or will even read this.

PBP Games / Re: Frontier: Cold Shock
« on: March 08, 2017, 09:18:21 PM »
Aesen chimed in, "I could fill the air with very mild sedatives to calm everyone down, Should I?"

Osiris shook his head, "Entirely unnecessary." He looked about, he was not the least bit surprised by their reactions, it was the first time the must have ever witnessed such a phenomenon. While he was indeed a Pariah, on the scale by which potency of a Pariah's effects are judged, he was among the highest. With much weaker varieties known as blanks, the most they would feel is slight unease, and discomfort. The more potent it became though, they more the Pariah would be noticed and possibly killed due to fear of it, unless intervened by an outside party.

Osiris nodded, to Thada, "Good," He also took note of Ursea having a similar air of compliance, something he needed from them all," I Apologize, but it was needed. If you are to work with me, you must know what I am."

He also noted the Zephirus, or whichever personality of the malfunctioning synthetic had seemed to act in an aggressive manner, the Vis seemingly decided against that course of action, which was good as it would lead nowhere good.

Neal's reaction was all too familiar though, it was like a trip to a previous life before  he had become the enhanced soldier he was now. "Freakshow, maybe. I am something that is needed when we deal with psionics, the side affect is what you felt just now. I am one of the more potent of my kind, so people have more adverse reactions to it, making this head-band necessary."

He heard Freya's question and figured this would help everyone understand a bit more, "You are all connected in some way to the energies that make Psionic ability possible, whether its telepathy... or some other ability, it is due to these mental energies. This also means, through mutation and exposure you could develop them, possibly in unpredictable ways."

Khrelan also had a very good question, a skill they would need to even go into combat with him if they needed his abilities. "That is something that can be taught, you all have never experienced it before, it can be resisted as long as you do not develop psionic abilities. It would be a similar to how one resists telepathy, except focusing on something other than my presence, repeated exposure will help you develop immunity on your own, the feeling will never go away, but you can have less of a reaction to it. We can arrange for training between missions, if anyone needs it."

Finally it seemed that the doctor recovered, "Ailuin, because you are a telepath, being near me without my inhibitor will always be debilitating, in combat if I need to remove it, you will have to stay a distance from me, roughly 15 meters. This will allow you to still use your abilities without issue." He figured he had answered enough about himself, now onto the orks.

He enabled the holo-projector, that began showing images of orks and relevant information on them, detailed pictures on their anatomy and bone structure showed. "Now why this is relevant to the mission, Orks, they are also a naturally psionic race."

"All orks have a slightly reality changing gestalt field, it helps their technology to work when it shouldn't, mere belief by orks affects reality itself. This itself is problematic, but when I spoke about psionic energies, it can be thought of as a collective whole, an entire dimension made up of this mental energy, affected by all sentient races in some small capacity." He said as he looked at them.

"The rapid reproducing physiology of the orks,  their warlike nature, and genetically ingrained ability to work with and produce moderately functional technology is a danger. However their ability to affect and define this realm of psionic energy could have lasting and devastating effects on all known life. So even if war with them is somehow survived, the after effects could damage reality." He explained as more images appeared.

"This mission is two-pronged, one we must disable the ork war machine, and two it must be done before lasting damage is caused to this psionic realm. This other dimension would eventually be discovered by your species anyways, but the orks gaining full use of it first could be damaging." He finished with, it was a lot to absorb and had concepts that had not even been gleaned at by the sciences of the major sentient species yet. It was best to tell them though, as understanding would help.

PBP Discussion / Re: OOC: Frontier: Cold Shock
« on: March 08, 2017, 12:19:22 AM »
Sooooo...downloaded Discord. Now what?
you create your account. the link invites you to the specific discord we are in.

PBP Discussion / Re: OOC: Frontier: Cold Shock
« on: March 07, 2017, 09:02:56 PM »
[le delete]

Hey for the two of you still not in the discord chat. its a super easy way for all of us to keep in contact for then RP and to contact me as well.

PBP Discussion / Re: OOC: Frontier: Cold Shock
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No pain for anyone but Ailuin.

More like existential horror for everyone else.

PBP Games / The Pariah
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Ursea didn't know what to really say to the Vis," I'll keep that in mind." She merely disregarded the Vis's babbling, she didn't really want to talk to it to be honest, maybe that would change with time. She had also found his insistence on claiming the her friend's name meant Urine in some alien tongue rather annoying, as if the same did not apply to everyone in the grand scheme of things.

The Ki'jan doctor finally spoke up as well, he however asked a question she would not mind answering. He seemed to want to know how she had tamed Suu-Suu, which was something she could never forget.

"Well, I tamed him while I was on my culling, I was not the strongest in the litter or the biggest. So I had to try extra hard to survive, I had always like animals though and when they were preparing us for the culling, I asked all I could about the land and its creatures. I spent time with the beasts of my clan to try and understand them, I was very little so I liked to pretend I could talk with them." She explained thinking she sounded a bit silly, but it was the only way she could tell it.

"As soon as we were dropped off in the heart of the jungle though, I realized how unprepared I was. We were set upon by the beasts and plant life almost immediately. I think five of us out of the several litters present were immediately killed, I remember them being dragged off into the underbrush," She said her gaze more towards the back-wall than the doctor now, " I got away and tried my best to survive over the next few days, I managed only by sheer luck. However I got hurt and lost my foot, it made it a lot harder to stay mobile and keep myself fed, that's when I found Suu-Suu, he was a lot smaller back then but he was still bigger and stronger than me. Taming Suu-Suu took time, I gave him my own food and tried my best in training him how I saw the elders work with their beasts. I am not sure how I managed it, I think he sensed that I needed him... Once I could at least get him to obey simple commands we started hunting, and we worked very well together. With food, I could heal my wounds and regain my strength, and soon I was able to train him better. Eventually we made it back to my clan with the rest of the survivors, and we were accepted back with open arms. I was a surprise for them though, they expected me to be one of the first to die."

She didn't notice Neal eyeing her and Suu-Suu, she was far too preoccupied in her own thoughts, then the Human called the Taurgit 'Mittens', which she didn't really understand why, it must be a human thing. Apparently Khrelan had fallen asleep, she thought that was rather silly so she giggled a bit before returning to her train of thought.

Which was that she was a runt in the eyes of her peers, Kurgeshan peers, but it was something she tried not to think about too much, this mission was just another among many distractions she afforded herself. Before she could say any more though, the door to the meeting room opened up and Osiris walked in drawing Ursea's attention.

Ursea watched him walking in, she had to admit to herself that their leader was an absolute hunk, and she wouldn't mind continuing to work with him. She wondered if she could get him to spar with her. She pretended to be attentive when all she was really doing was checking out his rippling musculature.

Osiris walked into the room, he had been watching there reactions to one another when forced to interact, he needed to see if Aesen had made good choices. Neal seemed to prove himself the most, his eye was keen for breaking down who he was working with, Osiris had always seen through his facade though. Osiris must be a rather frustrating person to work with, as he would not be so easily understood, but Neal had a far better chance of figuring him out than the Ki'Jan did, for obvious reasons.

He looked at each of them gathered hear, and began speaking, not giving them a chance to respond to him coming in.

"Hello, I see Aesen has gathered you all here rather early. Hopefully you are prepared to receive the briefing, which I will begin now." He said as he immediately grabbed his head-band and removed it.

The effect was immediate, the absolute, abject horror washed over them like sinking into an icy abyss. It was suffocating, and those that could sweat, broke into a cold sweat, and the paranoia set in. It was like being watched and not knowing where it was coming from, like death was stalking them at this very moment. It was an utterly unnatural feeling, one that made you want to jump out of your own skin and run, just to put as much distance between oneself and whatever the source of this feeling was.

The source was obvious though, it was undoubtedly Osiris. Everyone in the room felt this feeling to the extreme, without exception. However Ailuin felt it the worst, it was like feeling the antithesis to his existence press into his own, it was physically and mentally suffocating.

The pain the doctor felt was unlike any he had every experienced before, he could no longer sense the minds of others, his psionicly linked equipment immediately failed. His head hurt so bad it felt like it was ready to split open at any moment. The pain however was far too much for him to take, as he let out an agonized foamy gurgle and fell out of his chair and collapsed on the ground, he vomited whatever contents were in his stomach and immediately blacked out.

Then Osiris put the head-band back on, and the feeling was gone immediately. In the commotion, no one had noticed Suu-Suu claw its way  into the vents in the room, it vacated the room instinctually it seemed. When the presence had dissipated, Suu-Suu poked his head in through the vent and looked around before immediately going back to Ursea's side.

Aesen piped up from the sound system, "I do believe that they received that a little too well."

It was a wake-up call, this was no game, this was serious and if they thought any less of the task at hand they probably would not survive. He was not doubting their ability, but he had to give them a taste of the horror they could come to face out there.

Osiris looked about the room, "We will be fighting what is known as Orks, that is what these creatures refer to themselves as. Some of you already know a bit about them as I had to tell you to convince you to come aboard, others came for other reasons."

His voice was calm and collected, "What you just experienced was my presence, an absence of psionic energies, all of you are slightly tied to this energy in some way, this does not confer ability though. I am called a Pariah, I am an Anti-Psionic, my mere presence disables psionic ability. As I am part of this mission as well, it should be obvious why such an ability is needed."

He stopped for a brief moment, " I shall let the doctor compose himself before continuing, as I am sure the information I am about to provide will be very useful to him."

He stood and looked at them each of them having their own reaction to what just happened. Ursea just looked at him attentively, she had little choice after what she just felt, it immediately stopped her mind from wandering as it was. She would need to take a shower after this, as she had broken into a cold sweat like a few of the others. It gave her new perspective on who or what their commander was, he was assuredly not the kind of human they must have suspected him to be.

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I would avoid posting. As my post is going to interrupt any thoughts you are having.

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I'll make a post to move this along tonight when I get home.

Then after reactions questions and such, I will move us to the tutorial mission.

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happy day of birth!

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no. no multi-characters for you guys.

a pet from the beginning was fine. But a whole other character? no.

as NPCs we encounter its fine, but after one more character, no one else is being added to the crew.

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