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User News / Amazon's "New World" MMO
« Last post by JDog2pt0 on February 12, 2019, 02:54:38 AM »

Amazon Game Studios has decided to throw their hat in the ring, and are working on a new survival MMORPG titled New World. New World takes place in the mid-1600's on a fictional land modeled after British America in the Atlantic Ocean. Players will colonize the land, scavenge resources, fight other players, and just generally to to survive and conquer. The game has been in development for 5 years. No release date is available yet, and the payment model is not yet known.

Amazon's New World hands-on in sandbox MMO

Announcements / Official Game-IV Discord Group
« Last post by killer rin on February 25, 2018, 03:30:34 PM »
Hey Everyone. Just popping by to let you all know we have an official Game-IV Discord Group!

Link here:
Off Topic / Re: Talk about your day
« Last post by LordNecross on October 21, 2017, 03:15:55 AM »
Hello old Forum. How are doing? Its beginning to smell in here though, must be decay.

Just felt like posting here cause why not?
PBP Games / Re: Frontier: Cold Shock
« Last post by LordNecross on June 29, 2017, 11:08:04 PM »
The Battle was hectic, chaotic as gunfire roared and beastial cries of the Orks and Grots filled the air. The group was doing their best, but they were not a cohesive unit like they should have been, though with some direction from Osiris and Neal they got back in control of the situation.

The First matter was getting Zeph to stick to cover and make use of his LMG in a more practical way, which he learned charging forward unarmored was less than a good idea. Osiris took it into his own hands to get the Vis into cover, which he did quite literally as he grabbed Zeph from behind and forcibly tossed him behind cover then quickly brought up his shield to stop oncoming fire.

The Grots deciding to attempt to be clever decided to charge around the cover they group was in, and much to Freya’s satisfaction that meant they were going to run straight into her trap. The fougasse went off as expected once the grots attempted their ill-thought out flanking maneuver.

With the majority of grots dead, all that was left were the much larger orks which didn’t wait a moment to get into combat, Osiris made his way into the fray. His chainsword clashed with the heavy and sharp metal slabs the orks called choppas. He was heavily outnumbered but he seemed to be in his element with close combat, and he also set up good targets for both Ursea and Khrelan to shoot at. With the two snipers, the orks were handled very quickly as the two popped them left and right which allowed Osiris to make his way closer to the structure.

Closer to the structure, the ork turret suddenly swiveled to aim at Osiris to seemingly shoot. It seemed Ailuin’s mental attack had worn off, the top of the turret however popped open and the grot jumped out and started running away from the structure towards the hill. It shouted some gibberish, obviously frightened beyond reason, however it was soon snatched up in the jaws of Suu-Suu where it met a gruesome demise.

Soon the group had made it near the entrance, Osiris turned to address them but was suddenly rushed from behind by a screaming ork wielding two hefty blades. Luckily though Thada had been flanking around during the fight, peppering the orks with SMG fire, Thada put this Ork down more personally as he pounced him like a predator and stuck both wrist bladed into the back of its neck severing its spinal cord. It dropped like dead weight, leaving Thada’s blades dripping with green blood.

Osiris looked at him and nodded, “Good work. Now,” He began as he turned to the rest after this bloody affair, “We will explore the structure and determine what it is, and why they are here. With combat done Aesen should be able to give us some better ground penetrating scans to better understand what we are dealing with.”

Aesen broadcasted through their comms-channel, “Affirmative, It shouldn’t take long to get an idea of how deep the structure goes, and maybe we can figure out what it is. Whatever it is though it has shielding capabilities, and if the orks managed to get that working there could be other potential hazards.”
PBP Games / Re: Frontier: Cold Shock
« Last post by wisekill1 on May 05, 2017, 07:59:23 PM »
Freya braced herself as Aesen opened fire on the unsuspecting Orks. She had been close to artillery and orbital impacts before but as the shaking of the ground began to dissipate she realized she hated being close to the receiving end just as much now as she did at the start of her military career. She raised herself from the ground and quickly observed the changed battlefield. There was wreckage from the Landa all over the place this is not good she thought the open field was a killing zone working in our advantage, and it's completely gone now. But at least a large group has left the structure, even if dealing with them out here has just gotten much harder it is still easier then taking them out in the close quarters of the structure.

Freya strained to see the Fougasse position at the corner of the cliff, it was covered in an additional layer of debris but her Omni-tool confirmed that the charge was still live and ready to fire. Any moment now the Orks will come charging around the cliff and run into her trap.

She took her time to see what her team was doing. A few were still shaking from the impact and recovering, but surprisingly Aluin was up and making himself useful. The turret wouldn't be out of commission for long, it was only a matter of time before a new Grot manned it; but it was a substantial advantage nonetheless. Khrelan had started picking off targets with his sniper rifle, Good Freya thought, I don't want to fight one of those Orks up close.

And finally Zeph was- Is he charging with an LMG?! "Get in defensive positions! Let them come to you!"

Freya turned her attention back to the Fougasse. Any minute now the Grots will come charging around, and she would see if this carefully prepared trap will swing the favor of the battle back to their side. There was no way the proximity detonator was still reliable after that bombardment so she eyed its location with her finger above the remote detonator function of the Omni-tool. Breath in. Breath out. Just wait for them to get there.
PBP Games / Re: Frontier: Cold Shock
« Last post by killer rin on April 30, 2017, 11:20:57 PM »
With the second round having come down, hitting off of the forcefield and smashing the landa to smithereens, Ailuin like everyone else had ducked down behind the closest cover he could find as chunks of rock and debris flew past them.

"I think that was a little too much power" Ailuin spoke telepathically into his comms unit towards Aesen before turning to assess the situation some more. It was obvious from the scene that the original plan had mostly been chucked out the window with the change in battlefield scenery. To make matters more complex, several groups of Orks had come out of the structure to investigate adding to the number of troops by the structure. The turret was also still fully functional adding additional difficulties of which they were going to deal with in the phase two of assault but now had to be moved up to phase one.

Being the support role in this group, he sat in wait for the others to make the first move. It was obvious that if he was the first to attack all the fire would be concentrated onto him and given his weaker structure they would have made short effort of him. It also wouldn't be long until someone jumped into combat and In his wait it was no surprise when Zeph rose to the challenge charging head in towards the conflict. After another second he heard Sniper fire emanating from the direction of Khrelan and an Ork in the distance falling to the ground. It was clear combat had begun and with this meant that he had to act quickly in order to provide support as best as he could.

Thinking. "So Zeph is charging directly into combat like a madman. Khrelan is providing sniper fire so that turret will be pulled towards our location unless its attention is pulled elsewhere. Alternatively, Zeph is going to be lit up faster than a deep-sea lantern if it discovers him first. The rest haven't begun to move yet, but given the events they likely will begin soon. So our best course of action is going to be rendering that turret inoperational. I'm too far to get a good accurate read with my pistol so I'm going to have to rely on my Telepathy and stun him until we get closer".

With his action decided, he took a deep breath then slid out from behind cover to get a good look at the location, not that he needed it. He just wanted to ensure the Grot manning it went down and then using his Telepathy he immediately opened up a channel, bashing his way through the Grots mental defences before immediately beginning to flood the channel with junk information and data. Triggering its own memories to put it into a loop of remembrance and for good measure flipping a couple neurons to make it think its brain to recreate a harmless phantom-pain akin to having sat upon a series of needles. All of this to stun the creature and hopefully make it also fall out of the turret.

"I've temporarily disabled the turret" Ailuin spoke over comms. The battle had begun and he was ready to backup his team.
PBP Games / Re: Frontier: Cold Shock
« Last post by mikethor007 on April 30, 2017, 09:33:08 PM »
As soon as Khrelan saw the second shot from the ship hit something that looked like a forcefield and hit the landa, he dropped into a prone position, trying to avoid the worst of a blast.

And the blast came quite spectacularly, as something inside the ork Landa gave way and it exploded. Quite a bit of flaming debris went overhead, but the worst of it was the shockwave. It threatened to pick him up and flip him like a pancake, but fortunately it didn't happen. Some of the trees around him were not so fortunate, being either entirely uprooted or split in half.

He surveyed the field after the spectacle. Large debris thrown around. Lots of cover. Landa and its entire team of orks and grots gone. But the orks at the structure seemed to be in a tizzy now, and would soon come out from the walls to battle whatever had hit them this hard.

He did what he could do from where he was: from his prone position he aimed down his sights at the single exposed ork among the grots. Remembering the pointers given by Ailuin, he aimed for the head.

Khrelan stopped breathing and gently squeezed the trigger just right. His sniper rifle let off a shot that sounded more like a mix of a cough and a clank, as the round sped off the muzzle. He hoped the sound would be masked by all the hubbub.

The projectile hit the Ork right on the forehead, splattering his brain on the metal wall behind it. If the round went through the wall or got embedded in it, Khrelan did not know. The ork slumped backwards and slid off the wall to the ground, in plain view of the grots that were around him.
PBP Games / Re: Frontier: Cold Shock
« Last post by Ragez on April 30, 2017, 03:24:52 AM »
Zeph ducked and covered behind a thick tree trunk as the explosion sent rocks and flaming wreckage across the soon-to-be battlefield. His crystal pulsed repeatedly in excitement as he crouched down to the ground and held up his LMG. He...should've paid more attention to the planning process. That was way too much of a surprise.

"Real war's something else, huh..." Zeph noted absentmindedly, laying down on the dirt as he calmed his frantic thought patterns, "We can actually die now. It's not just running away from idiots with terrible aim or hanging onto satellites for dear life anymore. The shrapnel could've shot right into my chest, or the Orks we're about to go against can just bukkake me with machine gun fire until I'm nothing but inert shards of crystal in the dirt...."

He thought more, barely paying attention to his comms as he looked over from his trunk towards the carnage and devastation.

"Huh. Weird feeling."

"I know like this goes without saying, and I'm just saying this because you're trying to consciously block the information, but that 'feeling' is called the fear of death. It's a programmed, instinctual reaction that you can't do anything about." Zephirus thought back, mentally gripping Zeph by the throat, "And let me make this entirely clear: I do not want to die. Take any means necessary to live past this, or I'm going with the nuclear option myself."

Zeph sighed as Zephirus' grip refused to loosen, shaking his head, "Look, you do this every time we're in a dangerous spot. If I never took risks, we'd have be dead of starvation or boredom a long time ago!" Zeph reasoned, smiling softly, "Just because the stakes are a little higher this time, doesn't mean we ought to change that pattern!"

"That is an incredibly poor argument to jumping right into certain death, which is what I know you want to do."

"Alright...then how's this?" Zeph began, standing back up as his particle beam LMG activated with a low hum, "Everybody here dies quicker than we do. Biologically, we're probably the most resilient species in the entire cosmos because we're basically made out of imagination and a tiny crystal."


"Despite that, everybody else here is going gung-ho right into battle. Everybody else here wants to fight." Zeph stated, gripping his gun tightly, "...Do you want to be the one pussy here, Zephirus?"

No comment was reached. No further words needed to be spoken.

He was not inferior to these idiots, and he would prove it beyond any reasonable doubt.

The two ran right into the fray, paying little heed to the flaming debris as they vaulted over a hunk of wreckage and opened fire on the first batch of Grots they saw. Zeph's entire body roared with a distinctly inhuman screech as bolts of energized particles burned holes in the little green things before proclaiming over the comms:

"Engaging the Grots! Try not to shoot me in the crossfire guys!"
PBP Games / Re: Frontier: Cold Shock
« Last post by LordNecross on April 19, 2017, 05:43:22 AM »
"Fire" Neal said into the comms.

Aesen obliged, " Firing low yield shot."

A crack in the air was heard and the orks and grots looked around, "Wuzzat?" One of the orks near the landa said as only moments later the group was rocked by a huge explosion. It kicked up dirt, gravel and grass and made a large cloud as well. The screams of grots and the orks near the landa could be heard as the area was wracked by the impact.

The Landa was rocked by the impact as well, exacerbating the damage that the landa had already sustained before their arrival. It began to smoke a bit but overall it was still intact.

Whatever was left of the Orks by the Landa, began to move about, most likely still stunned by the impact. "Raaah! Dere's sumfin' out there get 'em boyz! Move it you gitz!" Shouted the Ork with the Whip and pistol. It seemed about three quarters of the grots had been killed in the blast, and all the orks had some how survived, but they were obviously hurt, as they were bloody, with shrapnel from the impact lodged in various parts of them, one of them was even missing an arm, holding his missing arm in  his other hand and attempting to put it back on unsuccessfully.

"Drop it ya zoggin' git! Get killin!" The Ork with the whip shouted again. One of the other orks, this one having a big piece of rock lodged in one eye, "Kill wut? Which way?" It said in much duller tones.

"I don't kno! Juss get moovin'!" It shouted back as it cracked its whip.

They did not have much of a chance to decide which way to go and vent their rage.

Aesen broadcasted again, "Firing second shot at structure entrance, 50% power this time, normal payload."

The air cracked as the shot ripped through the atmosphere, though the round impacted long before the sound could be heard, except it did not impact.

A large shimmery light flickered around the structure like some sort of bubble, and the round deflected off it and hit the landa directly with full force. The shoddy ork contruct reacted violently, and exploded fantastically.

"Get down!" Osiris shouted and put his shield up, dropping to a knee and bracing it. The shock wave rocked them, causing a few of the trees behind them to topple and others to sway from the force.

The group managed to drop just in time, protected from a shower of rocks and flaming wreckage. As the dust cleared it was apparent the landscape had changed, the landa was gone, a glowing smoking crater was all that remained, the wreckage however had added a great deal more of cover between them and the structure, they could more easily traverse the no longer open plain.

As they got up and observed their surroundings a high pitched scream could be heard getting louder and closer with each moment.

Osiris turned on his chainsword, which roared to life with a deadly whir. He swiped it upwards and caught an unfortunate Grot with the chainblade, spattering the ground and his armor in green blood as he halved the creature before it hit the ground.

"We need to move on the structure. The Landa is no longer a goal." Osiris said as he shook the blade off.

Aesen chimed in over comms, "I did not detect any energy from the structure till immediately after firing the second shot, It seems the Orks are making progress in whatever their goal is. Warning the orks know something is coming, extra orks and grots have come out of the structure to investigate."

It was time to see how they adapted to change.
PBP Games / Re: Frontier: Cold Shock
« Last post by killer rin on April 06, 2017, 08:52:08 PM »
When Osiris was done addressing the group, there was still some time left before the shuttle made its way down to the drop point. Not wanting to waste any time, Ailuin took the stage addressing the group. Starting with a breath Ailuin began to speak up.

“Over the past day I as well as Zeph have had the chance to go over the released data on the Ork Organism.” he began bringing up his hand and activating the holograph projector which displayed a stream coming from the Telepathic Tablet he kept tucked away in his suit.

At the moment, the projector was projecting a 3D model of an Ork which several areas shaded in different colours. “To start with, what you see now is a model of the Ork which I have managed to reconstruct from the files. More specifically however, the coloured areas correspond to areas of weaker structural integrity.” The doctor pausing for a moment. “Basically where you should aim to hit if you want to inflict the most damage.”

At this moment several key portions began to discolour and fade away to refocus on specific key areas, the doctor going through each one, ensuring to keep the topic strictly on a ‘How do I inflict the most damage’ basis rather than going over the minute biological details that the crew had no obvious need for knowing.

In these areas, the Doctor noted areas where the skin was most thick and thin, which areas were the most deadly, which ones would result in the most organ damage and even where to hit if they just wanted to torture. Once the low hanging fruit was taken, he moved the conversation to a slightly more complex topic as he began to speak of the Orks regenerative abilities, the thickness of their bones and redundant organ systems seemingly designed around having extra of everything.

He then jumped into their gills and spore capabilities followed up with some basic theories of their capabilities when you considered everything together.

“There is much more, like how every aspect of this creature screams of being an Artificially Engineered creature built for war… but we’ll leave off here. If you want to know more, feel free to speak to me after the mission.”

Osiris nodded, “Ork physiology makes them tough to kill, it is not uncommon for them to continue fighting even after major organ damage, except for the brain. Shots to the center mass will work, but be prepared incase it doesn’t.”

It was at this point the shuttle landed and the group left following Osiris’ signals as he led them to the edge of the forest.


“All right, then.”Thada cracked his neck to one side, then the other. The group having arrived at the edge of his forest.
Adjusting his grip slightly on his Stinger, he looked around the bush somewhat, then eyed the rest of the crew before turning back to the undergrowth. He could see some movement of those things beyond the grove, but not very much at all from this distance. He looked back at the team, particularly at Osiris. “I’ll go on ahead, get some recon and keep you on a live feed.”he said, speaking mostly out the side of his mouth. “I’ll keep you posted. Time for the kids to see how an Iko does it.”

With that, Thada entered the undergrowth in front of them, much quicker than one would think from how little noise he made. In fact, he was half-running through the bushes and over the rocks, his feet almost instinctively stepping to avoid obstacles and making as little noise as possible. Holding his weapon pointing straight out underneath him, he kept his body in almost a straight line with his head and tail pointing straight in opposite directions. As he approached the treeline, he sunk lower and lower towards the ground, until he was going almost as low as he possibly could when he finally came out into the open. He beelined to the side of the lander, making sure to move quickly and quietly, always taking the path that offered the most cover.

As Thada approached these creatures, he felt his heart starting to quicken - not out of fear or fatigue, but of excitement. Fieldwork! After so many useless years of bar bouncing and petty bounty hunting. A stray thought wondered if he was truly born for this, or if his years on the field had ruined him in a way. Sifting through a large patch of tall grass, Thada crept closer and closer to the greenskins, until he was even close to hear their rough, loud voices. He peeked out through the grass, taking in what sights he could.

The Larger and broader Orks seemed to be in the middle of having fun with the Grots, their voices were deep and gritty, and for some reason Thada’s Auto-Translator was picking up their speech.

“You Ruddy lot needz ta know yuz place! Ha HA!” The Ork with what seemed to be a rather brutal looking whip said as it cracked across one of the large nose of one of Grots, spilling green blood from it.

“When Weez gettin’ da new ship,” One of the other ork boys spoke up in from of the crowd of Grots, obviously addressing the Ork with the whip, “Weez been here fo ‘ourz and ‘ourz, I wanna get Killy!” It pleaded with a laugh.

A few of the other Ork boyz were pushing one to Grots back and forth between them, “Can we kill deez snots? I’m bor’d.”

“No Boyz, these gits are needed to keep da ship runnin’, li’ mekky boy will ‘ave a fit if weez kill em’” The Ork with the whip laughed.

Thada sunk back further into the undergrowth. He couldn’t see the Orks as well anymore, but he had seen what he needed, he opened up the radio to the group and began to relay his information.

Khrelan decided to do some Recon himself while the team discussed tactics. Seeing that Thada started off on a Recon run towards the orks around their junk Lander, he crept towards the tree line in the direction of the ork group around the structure.
At the tree line he crouched low on the ground, detached the scope from the rifle and looked through It, trying to glean Any details he could on the orks at the structure.

From what Khrelan could see there was an ork in front of some large metal walls and a bunch of grots in front of some boxes and crates. From where he was though he couldn’t see too much though beyond that, the orks were armed with large blades and heavy pistols it seemed.

Zeph made his way to the edge of the forest, crouching at a log still inside the forest as he peered at the Landa group. He sat behind one of the logs, laying back upon it as he took out his knife and began playing with the dirt. They’d tell him where to go and what to do over the comms anyway, bunch of trigger-happy soldiers…

Reaching the edge of the forest, Neal went prone when Osiris gave the signal to halt, holding out his arm and motioning downwards with his hand as he did so to signal the others to do the same. As Neal lay there, he quickly checked his TAC-MAP on his visor display, seeing the general layout of the area. Two groups of Orks, one at their ship and the other gathered around the structure, presumably defending it. He focused on the group closest, a few dozen metres out, his visor sensing his intent a zooming in, but it was still hard to see clearly. Neal did a quick mental estimate of the forces involved, there was approximately half a company of Orks...and some little green guys milling about, from what Neal read he was pretty sure they were “Grots”, the lowest on the Ork hierarchy. They were individually pretty useless in a fight, used mostly for labour and for the Orks’ own amusement, but a swarm of them could still pose a problem. Meanwhile the crew amounted to little more than a light infantry section, so they were outnumbered and outgunned.

Neal, without looking away from the Orks asked on the comm “Osiris, what’s the status for orbital support? Can Aesen provide us fire support?”

“Once we Clear the Landa group, Aesen will take out the ship, it would be best to find out more information first before we destroy their ship.” Osiris said as he looked out in the distance, trying to come up with plans in his head.

Neal took a quick glance Osiris, thinking why in the hell they should take out the Orks the hard way instead of letting Aesen lay waste to the whole Landa Group, ship and all. If Aesen could take out their ship, he sure as hell could take out the milling ogre rejects and their little gremlins at the same time. It would vastly swing the odds in their favour, cutting down the garrison to a more manageable size. Besides, what if they attempted to take-off during the firefight? Not to mention their friends elsewhere would quickly come to join the fun.

“Why not have Aesen take out the whole group with their ship?” Neal said “A missile or two and those giant pricks and their little friends will be toast, we’ll take out their air support and significantly reduce their numbers in one go, making this mission less suicidal and more just plain unwise. We recon both groups, ascertain their true numbers and disposition, then paint their landing site for an orbital strike. What’s left we’ll be able to manage. Hell why not have Aesen just provide continuous fire support?”

“One reason, if there is any information we could glean from anything in the ship, destroying it would be counter intuitive. I am here to test you, this is the easiest situation we will ever come across, normally an orbital strike would be good if we were not here for more than combat.” Osiris said as he looked over at the Landa, if they couldn’t handle this then there would be issues down the line when they would have to face the green tide at its strongest.

“After that is done, then we can destroy their only means of escape.” Osiris added, wanting very much to move on to making a plan.

Neal slowly gave Osiris a look. Did he just say he was there to test them? The man was holding back support to test them.

“excrement...the bastard is a gently-carressing lunatic” Neal thought. He had known from day one that Osiris was dangerous, in addition to being a real oddity, but against his better judgement he had chalked it up to a case of eccentricity and his parents not hugging him enough. But now Neal could tell his wasn’t just dangerous to whatever got in Osiris’ way...he was dangerous to his own damn allies too. Neal had seen this type before, his was a CO that went and got his own men killed through arrogance or incompetence. He knew they could disable the ship without destroying it and still rain fire down on the Orks.

Neal growled at Osiris “You know damn well we can take out the ship without completely destroying it. You also damn well know our ship can give us much needed support. Cut this testing bullexcrement and release the damn AI to give us some damn fire support, we need it to even the odds.”

“Inadvisable, do you really want to take the chance that our anti-spacecraft missiles will not utterly destroy the highly temperamental Ork Craft? If that is what you wish, I will leave the decision up to you. Ork vehicles of that size tend to explode quite fantastically.” Osiris noted not caring to bother with any arguments, if this was the direction Neal wanted he would not stop him.

“Make the call, then, after that though we need to discuss how to approach the structure. Or should we attempt to gather intel from the ship before destroying it, which is highly likely.” Osiris looked at Neal through his visor awaiting on a response, this was wasting time.

Neal looked at Osiris, eyes narrowing before asking “Aesen has a railgun at his disposal, does he not?”

Aesen chimed up,”Very Big one’s, And I am not ashamed of them. Shall I shoot the Ork Landa to satisfy the Human?”

Osiris still looked at Neal, “Your Call.”

Neal said “Aesen, you see that big group of Orks by the ship? Target them and the ones by the structure, one round each. Place yourself in necessary position to reduce impact yield. Then tell me what minimum impact yield is, wait until my mark to open fire.”

“Minimum yield will definitely be bigger than a bread box, if you must know.” Aesen joked at first before running a simulation a few times, adjust impact angle to minimize yield, which would still be a rather large impact regardless, all that could really be done was make sure the blast did not reach them.

“Well?” Neal asked.

“22 Tons, I can manage that.” Aesen said on the quieter side,”It’s as low as I can get it taking in all the variables.”

“.022 kilotons? That’s rather smaller than I thought you could manage, but should do the trick. Okay now, wait for a bit.”

Osiris nodded, “Acceptable, I will wait then until we make a move on the Structure, after the blasts it should be an easier trek. I recommend that our snipers stay on alert though, keep an eye on the larger Orks. Cover Thada in case something happens.”

Neal nodded “I was just about to mention that, while he’s doing that, those logs and boulder up ahead. They’ll do for cover, even after Aesen’s strike I don’t fancy going out in the open, so we let them come to us. Set up a defensive position, then mine the sides, funnel them into a killzone. Freya? Know how to make a fougasse?”

“A fougasse?” Asked Freya “Yes, one of my TSX-20 charges will do nicely for that, I can also set up some ordinary grenades to trigger remotely. But I don’t think I can get in position to set everything up without the Orks noticing me” Freya gestured at her body; encased in an heavy suit of armor. “Someone else will have to do it for me.”

“Is anyone willing to set up Freya’s Traps? Hopefully without being noticed.” Osiris said as he looked around.

Ursea nodded,”I might be able to, but I wouldn’t be able to provide cover fire while doing that, and she would need to teach me…”

Neal said “We’ll have Khrelan provide cover, Freya you go ahead and show Ursea what needs to be done. Khrelan, find a spot along the tree line to set up.”

“It is really simple” explained Freya as she turned to Ursea “I will prepare the charge here, you will just have to carry it to position and dig a hole to put it in.” Freya took out the TSX-20 charge from one of her larger armor pouches on her hip. “The yellow side will go up.” She added after a moment of thought as she began to knead the plastic explosive into an optimal shape.

“Then you just have to fill up the hole with nearby rocks and pebbles.” And get back here quietly. Freya took a detonator out of a separate pouch and carefully inserted it into the TSX-20 charge, the malleable explosive immediately seemed to harden up. “Don’t worry about handling it roughly, it will only go off when I give the command.”

“Do you have an entrenching tool?” Asked Freya “You can use mine if you don’t have one.”

“I think I have something for diggin in my survival kit, so I should be fine.” Ursea said as she took the explosives.

“So anything else?” Ursea asked the group.

At this moment the radio came alive and Thadas voice began to come through. “Lander group makes a total of twenty-one hostiles - six big ones, fifteen cannon fodder. They’re lightly armed, mostly makeshift scrap-guns and knives. The big ones seem restless; they’re bullying the fodder, talking about killing them, even.”

This followed up as Khrelan reported in as well. “Can’t see much from here unfortunately. There’s one ork outside along with some of the canon fodder. Ork seems to be sporting a nasty sword and pistol combo. Couple of crates. Everything else seems to be obscured by metal walls set up in front of the structure. Probably more infantry behind those.” spoke Khrelan in the radio channel. Indeed, there was not much else he could do aside from using stealth to cross the open field through the tall grass. He re-attached the scope to his rifle and swung it in the direction of the Lander. “In position for cover fire.”

Neal looked at Ursea and said “Alright, you know what to do, we’ll cover you.”


With the order given and both Khrelan and Zeph ready to provide cover fire if things went badly for the trap setting. “Here I go.” She said, “Suu-Suu stay here.” She said to her Pet Guttluok as she scratched him a bit under his head and she disappeared into underbrush. She moved from cover to cover, disappearing into any patches of grass or other changes in the terrain she could use.Yep,

She crawled to a point in front of the cover facing the orks and the Landa and she begun digging and assembling the traps as Freya had instructed. She could hear the Orks roughing up the smaller grots and the grots shouting in retaliation in the background. She wondered how long it would be till they decided to explore their surroundings. They did not sound like they would be amused and distracted for long.

She finished packing in the gravel, pebbles and stones she  could find around her and soon was done setting up the fougasse traps,” Well that’ll have to do….Ursea reporting in, I think the traps are good, I’ll make my way back now.”

When Ursea came back and Thada and Khrelan reported their findings, he opened up his TACMAP and quickly worked out a plan.

“Okay” Neal said “As it stands, we’re outnumbered and outgunned, and that will likely be the case after the orbital strike. We don’t have the firepower or numbers to go on the offensive, so we do the next best thing, we lure them to an ambush.”

Neal pointed up ahead “There, those logs and boulder should provide us with some cover, we dig in and draw them into a killzone. Freya, take some grenades and mine both sides of our position, about six grenades on each side should do. Thada, we might need you to ensure they head towards the killzone, preferably our nice little fougasse trap. Now thankfully this group seems to be a small raiding party, so besides the Mekboy there isn’t any particular clever ones around, so their base aggression should work in our favour. We funnel them in best we can, and mow them down.”

“Roger that.”Thada muttered back. “I’ll be sure to keep any bullets I end up pulling out of my ass as trophies.”he said. He looked back at the orks through the grass. A low rumble sounded at the back of his throat. Bait. Again. Two words he never thought he’d be thinking. That human sure wasn’t winning any early points with him right now.

“I’ll set up the grenades as mines closer to our position.” Confirmed Freya “If they get close to us they will do some damage.”

Neal nodded “Alright, you all know your tasks, let's get to it.”

After Freya had set up the mines, Neal did a quick check of everyone's position, saying "Sound off".

A quick flurry of confirmations confirmed everyone was in place. Neal then sighted down his optics down the corridor they had setup, and said "Aesen, fire on my mark. 10."

He could see everyone tense up in preparation for the inevitable Ork assault. They seemed as ready as they could be.


The doctor was out of the way, which was good, but Neal still knew they could very likely get past their line. He only hoped Osiris hadn't gotten them all killed.

"8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2..."

This was it, time to see how the Shrek rejects handled in a fight.

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