clipE3: Prey 2 CGI Trailer Looks Utterly Fantastic

Captain Jean-Luc
June 03, 2011, 05:45:52 PM by Captain Jean-Luc
Views: 5320 | Comments: 11

E3 is only four days away, and Human Head Studios is getting an early start on things with this CGI trailer for the upcoming Prey 2.  The game follows the goofy-named Killian Samuels, who becomes a bounty hunter on an alien planet after being captured by the abduction event in the first Prey.  Early previews of the gameplay tell that it will be a first person shooter with parkour elements, a la Mirror's Edge or Brink, as well as a first person cover-system.

For more information on the game, PC has a nice preview.

Click "Read more" for the trailer....

clipTrailers Released for Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm

June 01, 2011, 09:13:57 PM by SirEmilCrane
Views: 19974 | Comments: 50

Less than a year after their groundbreaking release of Wings of Liberty, Blizzard has released gameplay and a trailer for the next installment of SC:II, The Heart of the Swarm. This installment will focus on Kerrigan and her zerg and screenshots indicate that, like Wings of Liberty, your army will be fully upgradable. Other additions include new units for all factions and the use of the missing snow and ice tileset. Not much has been released at this point about multiplayer except that it will require Wings of Liberty to play and that there will be no LAN support.

Enjoy the following trailers courtesy of after the break....

clipPlaystation Store to be Restored Next Week

Captain Jean-Luc
May 31, 2011, 07:51:39 PM by Captain Jean-Luc
Views: 16323 | Comments: 47

After more than a month and a half of downtime, Sony has officially announced the return of the Playstation Store.

After being hacked by an unknown hacker group, alleged to be Anonymous, the Playstation network was severely compromised, with reports that tens of thousands of users' personal credit card information was stolen.  Sony eventually decided to shut down the Playstation Network in its entirety, taking nearly a month to restore the online service.  Since then, users have been eagerly awaiting the return of the Playstation Store, which will once again allow DLC, game demos and other content to be downloaded once more.  Sony will also be releasing a "Welcome Back" package in the coming weeks, including 1-2 months of Playstation Plus for all users and a choice of two free downloadable titles, including Infamous, LittleBigPlanet, Wipeout HD and Dead Nation. 

As someone who recently purchased a PS3 and have yet to use it online, I'm very much looking forward to the return of the Playstation Store so I can download PSOne Classics and get my Crash Team Racing on.

Via The Escapist.

clipNew Deus Ex: Human Revolution Trailer

The Doctor
May 31, 2011, 07:33:35 PM by The Doctor
Views: 6481 | Comments: 5

IGN has a new Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer.  Expands a little bit more on storyline than the previous trailers have.  Looks like they're pulling the Illuminati/Majestic 12 into this game as the primary protagonists again.  Nice to see the theme continuing into the prequel.


clipDecade Old Duke Nukem Pre-Orders A-OK

The Doctor
May 31, 2011, 04:49:27 AM by The Doctor
Views: 2738 | Comments: 3

With all the hype about Duke Nukem Forever releasing next month Game Pro was curious about what will happen to all those people who pre-ordered years ago.  They asked Gamestop about it and their response was:

"With a long-anticipated release like Duke Nukem Forever, we encourage customers who pre-ordered more than a year ago to verify their reservation with their local store prior to launch. Provided the customer has a receipt, we will honor even those pre-orders taken long ago. At this time, we expect that all pre-order customers will receive Duke's Big Package at time of purchase, regardless of when the reservation was made."

Sounds pretty good to me.  Hope everyone kept their receipts!

Via Game Pro

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