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The Fall of Earth: EoT-IV Story
« on: February 26, 2012, 10:18:50 PM »
The Fall of Earth
 An Empires of the IV Story

<< RECOVERED DATA LOG: July 26th, 3142 : Earth Years >>
   // Module Damaged... Attempting Recovery //
      \\ Attempting.. \\
      \\ Attempting.. \\
      \\ Attempting.. \\
   // Module partly recovered... Bypassing security protocols //
      \\ Attemp.. \\
   // Protocols bypassed //
>> Play Log <<

“Engineering, whats the status on the engine repairs?” A man who was wearing a Naval Captains uniform replied over the ships internal communications in frustration. Himself looking over the tight schedule he had been placed on “Don't worry captain, we should be up and running in about ten minutes.” The captain sighed “It better I don’t want to have to have to dirty my record with a tow job.".

When the call was done he turned his chair towards a large view-screen, pressing a button on his chair. “Attention all passengers, This is your Captain Larry Whites. I regret to inform that we have encountered basic engine problems and will be a little late to dock with the Martian Orbital Station. There is nothing to fear though as we have our top engineers working to solve the problems. Please hold out and we'll have this problem solved shortly”. Turning around in his chair once more, Larry took a stand and began to stretch out his legs

<< Switching Data-stream >>
   // Stream Decoded //
>> Play Stream <<

A man with a white lab coat was sprinting down the hallway of a building carrying what seemed to be a data tablet, breathing heavily as he turned a corner, pushing his way into a room filled with computer monitors and other scientists “THE SIGNALS ARE BACK!” bending over to catch his breath “They... Are closer.. than last time” stopping to connect the data tablet to the main monitor in the room. When the image came up, everyone dropped what they were doing and began to watch.

“The signals have come back, this time closer to the Sol System. Unfortunately, we still have no way of tracking them, or even know what they are yet. Its impossible that these are natural, they are to irregular for that. We may be dea..”

<< Data-stream Corrupt >>
   // Switching Data-Streams //
      \\ Attempting Next Available Sector .. \\
   // Sector Connected //
>> Play Stream <<

“This is Dr. Terry Ights. Director of the Xe-No Project. We have lost our long range communications; The Sol System has been effectively cut off from our outer star systems. We have sent out ships to repair the relay, but we have lost contact with each one. Ever since the relay has gone down we haven't been able to continue our research. To top this, were getting excrement from the USG about long range communications being down. This has turned into a total mess, hopefully we will be able to get back to work soon.”

>> Fast Forward >>
   // Stream Found //
      \\ Time Stamp: 4 hours Later \\
>> Play Steam <<

Within a moment, the USG power grid lost power on all worlds within the Sol System, Seconds later the power returned. In the streets of the USG mega-cities everyone stood silent, in a single stare at their own personal devices and the massive screens attached to the buildings, every one of them which all showed the same thing. Space.

Out of nowhere a large shock wave which resembled a slip-space rupture protruded from the point in space which the screens pointed to. Within moments, what seemed to be Millions of Alien looking ships had appeared within the Sol System. In the confusion, an electronic signal came through with a robotic voice and in a horrifying tone replied “The End”. The devices blackened.

<< Switching Data-stream >>
   // Stream Found //
   // Stream Decoded //
      \\ Contents: Military \\
         \\ Eliminating Static Buzz \\
   // Static Removed //
>> Play Stream <<

“gently-carress, The bastards have taken Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune. All Ships Retreat, we need to regroup. How the hell do they have this many ships, We cant possibly be expected to destroy them all. God Dammit, We don't have enough ships to protect Saturn” The captain sighed, putting his hand to his head in frustration “I can't believe I am saying this, but forget the outer colonies, on my order all ships retreat to the asteroid belt and Defend the inner colonies at all cost. We need as much time as we can buy to get the colony ships ready.”

“Attention Outer Colonies You are to drop everything and head to the colony ships stationed on your planet. USG Naval Escort will only be waiting for twenty minutes” Ending the communications as he pressed a button which also brought up a countdown timer on the fleets ships as well as the outer colonies.

Ten minutes into the countdown timer and only 3 ships filled with 1000 people each had made it off the colonies. Barely a fraction out of the two billion registered civilians in the outer colonies. This coupled with the alien fleet closing in made any attempt of escape unlikely. Within five more minutes it seemed to be too late, the colony ships had taken off en-mass towards the inner colonies. Sadly, the attempt of protection had been futile.

When the ships came into range they were shot down by the rapidly advancing alien fleet, with only a few hundred of the thousands of ships managing to get past the defence line. The Fleet Commander then pulled the order to retreat backwards towards the inner colonies. The fleet commander smacked his hand off of his terminal “God Dammit, Speed up the Colony Ship loading for the inner colonies, I don't care if your full on fuel or not, Get ready to take flight soon”

<< Data-stream Lost >>
   // Fast Forward //
>> Play Stream <<

“I can't believe that we have lost Venus, Mercury, and Mars” a new voice which sounded feminine which claimed to be the fleet commander replied. “Earth has five minutes before were escorting the Colony ships out... Hopefully we have enough ships to break through the enemy front” sighing deeply as she thought of the consequences of not being able to fulfil her duty.

When the time came around she pulled the switch “Lets get everyone ou...” Her voice instantly cut off with a large explosion as her ship blew up. The attack got the fleet to scramble out of the path of the alien weaponry which had opened fire on the fleet. “Lets get out of the system!” another female spoke up which caused the fleet to get back together and link up with the colony ships.

“Stay close” The woman replied over a fleet wide communication to all the ships in the orbit around Earth. The Colony Ships move closer to the Military Fleet. “We have only one chance at this. I have sent coordinates to each of you. Follow your squad, and most importantly Go. Full. Speed. Do not stop for anything, or anyone. Just Go.” Stopping for a breath before she put her ship into full throttle “USG FULL POWER TO ENGINES AND SHIELDING!”

<< Module Corrupted >>
   // Attempting Recovery //
      \\ Attempting.. \\
      \\ Attempting.. \\
      \\ Attempting.. \\
   // Recovery Failed //
      \\ System Reboot \\
   // Module Inaccessible //

Excuse the grammar and  seemingly rushed nature of it.. I tried, but I'm no writer XD
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