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ME3 Multiplayer Statistics!
« on: May 07, 2012, 05:09:13 PM »
There was a survey on reddit about ME3 game stats and it inspired me a bit...

I've pulled a bit of a scumbag EVE player. I started with recording a couple of games worth of info for myself and shoving it into excel and then manipulating it. Excel promptly told me to shove off it wasn't going to do that so I said gently-carress it and started writing a webapp with a SQL database to (hopefully) contain my insanity.

It didn't contain it in the slightest. If anything it made it worse and now I have page after page full of the most disgusting, completely insane SQL queries I have ever seen.

But I need more data! Which is why I have come to you! Now participation here is slightly more complicated and slightly easier than the last survey to go by: My webapp is not quite ready for prime time yet. I'm also a stickler for accuracy and precision in my data so I'm a little nervous about the idea of just opening the data submit form to anyone and everyone. My form also has 89 fields in it to fill in and then calculates additional information from there. Overall it tracks an even 100 data points per game.

If you have the time, inclination and willingness to help me with my quest I would ask of you to submit gamedata to me in the following form: 1 screenshot for each player setup at beginning of match, and 1 screenshot of the end of the match screen. I've uploaded a set of examples:

Spoiler for Hiden:

I do have some qualifiers on that though: 1. Private/Public match isn't recorded in the screenshots. I'd like to get that info but I'm not going to complain about not getting it. 2. I don't want some games because it will screw up data: games were someone disconnected/connected mid game or were prevented from doing their part by a glitch. AFKers are also likely to subtly mess up data slightly, but I'm not exactly worried.

Things I do want: Solo games, 4 player games, low level games (Your N7 rank is 4? Fine by me), high level games, bronze games, gold game, farming games, serious games. Unless it matches the "messes it up" notes above I like it.

What will you get in return?

The knowledge of a job well done, and access to the database and report tools for all collected knowledge. I am currently slaving away on it as we speak but in the mean time I have uploaded a mostly functional version of the report tools with 6 games of data already entered so you can see how it works. It can be found here:

You'll note it's not exactly pretty, and doesn't understand the concept of "report errors". Also anything involving identifying players just doesn't work, I'm still working on the obfuscation system and until then players are non-identifiable.

I am working on a way to make it so people can add data themselves, search the data better, and analyze data about themselves and their friends. But that takes time and I wanted to get this out there sooner rather than later.

TL/DR: I am a data whore. Feed me screenshots so I can pretend I'm in SRS EVE corp. In sets like these: . You get this:
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