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Game-IV Jeopardy!
« on: July 27, 2012, 08:07:05 AM »
Decided to give this a try.

Welcome to Game-IV Jeapordy, a game where you'll hopefully have fun, and learn to hate the Game Master! :P

Here are the rules:

There will be a total of four topics, with four questions each. The first topic questions will be worth 100 pts, the second 200 pts, third 300 and fourth 400...nothing surprising there. The person who posts first chooses a topic, and then everyone will post an answer. I will review the answers, and the person who gets it right gets the points. What if no one or everyone gets it right? In the case of the former, no one gets points and we move on, and I also laugh at you. In the case of the latter, first poster gets the points. This will go on until all the questions are exhausted, where we will move onto Final Jeapordy, and I will at least attempt to post a challenging question. Person who gets the most points wins the round, where the round will start again with different questions or topics, or decide to kill the game there.

To make things more interesting, I will throw in pop quizzes and a Mystery Box. The pop quiz should be self-explanatory. However how the Mystery Box works is that I will post Mystery Box or some other inane comment, and first person to claim it will open the box in the form of a spoiler post. The Mystery Box could contain anything, from points, negative points or even random photos or memes, its a mystery that I only know.

To help me out you will all keep track of your points in a spoiler post, labeled points, because doing it by myself is a pain in the ass. If you think you can cheat at this, think again. I'll be monitoring your score, and count who won which points and how many. As a double deterrent, expect your fellow posters to do the same...

Also because all games should have this rule, never contradict the show host! Doing so will earn you losing 5 pts the first time, 10 pts the second time and the third time I'll have a random mob break down your door and beat you with a stick.

Before the game begins, you must all decide whether to give the game a try...or be a sadistic heartless person (Tran) and kill it right off.
I'm back people...