Author Topic: Xbox One Delivered 2 Weeks Early, Not to Support 3D Blu Ray Playback  (Read 6157 times)

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Take a moment to go back to the year 2006. There was no high definition standard for widespread public use established. Toshiba and Microsoft teamed up to introduce the HD-DVD format, while Sony brought forth Blu Ray disks. Skip beyond the embarrassing battle to the present. With the new console comes support for BR disks, but not the 3D output widely expected. Microsoft has made no official comment on the matter, but since a customer support account confirmed the ability would in fact be present, it is possible that it may be part of a future update. Since the inclusion of 3D playback was first seen on Sony's Playstation 3, it is widely expected that the followup will do the same. Opinions? Favorite console? Type below!
CNET Newspage

Followup edit: It appears that Target has made the mistake of shipping out several hundred Xbox One's 2 weeks before launch. Users are confirming features and posting their results online. So far, it seems that the HDMI output of the console is not using HDCP, and is thus compatible with recording devices such as the HD PVR2.

Screenshots after the break

And finally one of the homepage.
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