Author Topic: Progress on my creations, ideas and maybe some other random stuff  (Read 1447 times)

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Those of you who follow some of the PBP games on this forum may have noticed that I like the 'Kaveni' alien race I first created in Empires of the IV and continue to post about in The Void, these people may not be very surprised by the fact that I aim to write a novel one day, in this novel the Kaveni will have a leading role.

This idea began to from in my head a few months after I (re)joined the Empires and I spend a lot of time thinking about it, but I had almost got nothing on paper except for a few quotes and a bit of ancient Kaveni history.

Yesterday evening I decided that I needed something very important on paper, something that I've tried to make many times in the past but kept failing to do properly mostly because my skill in the field is almost non-existent.

I decided to draw a Kaveni face, after a few hours and many with many ruined pages of paper thrown into a corner of my room I've achieved something that a part of me believed  I could do.

I made a acceptable Kaveni face.

Spoiler for The face:

Now, I know that the eye is absolutely horrible, the nose just feel wrong and that it has no mouth.

But I did manage to get a good general shape of the head, the natural armor/bones/exoskeleton around the neck is good in my opinion, just like the eyebrow thingy.

I'd be very grateful if some of you could give some advice on the eyes, nose, mouth (since I got absolutely no idea what to do with it) or just what you think about this face in general.