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Site Rule and Etiquette
« on: May 24, 2011, 07:38:20 AM »
Rule and Guidelines

  • Be respectful, while a certain level of playfulness is tolerated, if you have been asked to stop or it appears malicious in nature things will not look favorably for you.
  • NSFW images are not allowed unless contained in a spoiler tag marked such ([spoiler=NSFW]content[/spoiler]) or linked and clearly marked as NSFW.  If you are unsure if something counts, better to play it safe.
  • Untagged spoilers are not allowed.  Not everyone wants to hear spoilers.  Either mark the thread with "[spoilers]" in the topic or use the spoiler tag to hide them within your individual post.  Be sure it is clear what game you are talking about at the time.
  • Discussion of the logistics of piracy is not allowed.  Discussion of the ethics and morality, or of  the effects/causes of piracy is fine.
  • Do not threaten to report users or clutter a thread by saying, "Reported".  If it's worth reporting, report it either by using the report to moderator links or by contacting a staff member directly.
  • Anything illegal within the United States is not allowed.  Regardless of anyone's personal opinions we are hosted there and subject to the laws there.
  • Multiple accounts are not allowed with the exception of secondary accounts for PBP role play purposes.
  • Do not abuse the karma system.  Systematic down or up voting will be considered a violation of the rules and will result in your votes being revoked.  If you have been allowed a secondary account or accounts voting using them will be considered a violation of the rules.
  • Keep your signature under 135px tall as viewed on a 1024 width screen, images in your signature may not exceed 600x135.  A good rule of thumb is if your signature takes up more space than your post, you should change something.
  • Please link highly distracting images rather than use them as an avatar, in your signature or posts.  Bright flashes and rapid gifs are more distracting than they are worth.
  • Don't spam.  Unrelated posts in the middle of a discussion, "Thread is Dead" posts and the like are generally not appreciated.
  • Keep private issues private.  Use the personal message system or another method of communication, not public threads.
  • When making a new topic, check to see if there is an active thread on the subject already, it may be better to join an existing thread than start a new one.
  • Chat threads are not allowed.  Topics are expected and will drift occasionally, however if you have gone too far from the original subject, the thread will be locked or split.  If you are getting off topic please consider opening a new thread.  If you just wish to chat, use the IRC.
  • You must be at least 13 years old to use this forum; anyone found to be in violation will be immediately banned.  If you are 13 or older, but under 18, you must have parental permission to use the forum.  If we are notified this is not the case, you will be immediately banned.

IRC Chat and TeamSpeak
We run an IRC and TeamSpeak server at  The IRC runs on port 6667 and the primary channel is #CommunityChat.  Members of the community may have created and run other channels on the IRC as well.  TeamSpeak runs on the default ports.  We ask that you please disconnect, or at least mute and move to the AFK channel on TeamSpeak, when not active to conserve bandwidth.  When using the integrated web chat for IRC, please be aware that every join and part notifies all users of your connection, it can be quite irritating to see someone join and part repeatedly or in quick succession.  If you're going to become a regular on the IRC, please look into setting up a standard client.  The web client is limited in the number of slots available for users.

PBP games
Game masters and players must be approved before access to the PBP Games board will be active.  Anyone may read but only GMs and players may post.  GMs have full moderator control over their own game threads.  The PBP Discussion board is for planning, recruitment, and out of character discussion of active or past games and is open to all.  There is an Informal Games board as well which is open to all to join or leave as they please.

Rule Violations
Any rule violation is subject to a 25 point warning against the poster.  At 50 points the poster will be silenced and unable to post until the points wear off.  Warnings points drop by 5 points per day unless a warning has been issued within the past 24 hours.  Repeat violators are likely to be unceremoniously banned without further warning and moderators are free to deal out more points if they see fit.  We reserve the right to alter or ignore these rules at any time. If you feel you have been treated unfairly and wish to make an appeal, you may contact me directly by PM or email and I will review the issue.
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