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Welcome to!
« on: May 28, 2011, 01:48:00 AM »
Welcome to!

Our focus is on all things gaming, from the titles and systems themselves, to what's going on in the industry.  As contributors, we will be creating and/or relaying news articles, writing opinion pieces and reviews, and creating exclusive content.  For those of you who wish to contribute to the site beyond general forum interaction, we encourage you to send us tips about important news items, and to write your own reviews in the User Reviews board.  If there is something else you wish to have brought to our attention, feel free to make a post in the Requests Board.

Our short-term goals are quite simple; We will be working on producing a steady stream of new content as well as building our member base. 

Our long-term goals are more complex, but we are very excited by the possibilities.  Given enough popularity, we may be able to take on new contributors, get exclusive articles and interviews from developers/publishers, and even create our very own merchandise!

For now, welcome to GameIV and we look forward to having you here!
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